Apr 122017
Growling is Good

It’s National Dog Bite Prevention week, and my discussion continues with a review of the different body language and vocalizations that dogs elicit when they are fearful or anxious. First off, I want everyone to know that growling is good! Growling is a definitive warning that a dog is scared and it is meant to […]

Apr 102017
Always Ask the Dog!

It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week again, which is a subject near and dear to my heart. Would you believe I have never been bitten by a dog? I work with dogs who are aggressive towards me every single day, but I work very hard to prevent anything from happening. There are many reasons why I […]

Mar 072017
After just a couple visits with Kari, I'm no longer worried about how Pippin will act in public or around other dogs.

My husband and I adopted our 18 month old Aussie, Pippin, when he was 10 weeks old. Having adopted his brother, Cooper, who had been returned to the breeder from a family who kept him in a crate most days and didn’t socialize Cooper very well, we thought starting “from scratch” with Pip would be easy! […]

Feb 282017
The Face of Rescue

In December I received a call from a woman who, along with her family, adopted a lovely little Terrier from Midwest Animal Rescue (MARS).  He was estimated to be about 5 or 6 years old. They named him Scruffy. Scruffy was lucky enough to get his freedom ride last May and was transported to Minnesota from […]

Nov 012016
Wag & Train is GRRRROWING!!

After 15 years of providing science-based, positive dog and puppy training in Denver, Wag & Train is expanding to a new city. As of November 1, 2016, Wag & Train will also be providing services in the Minneapolis, MN area. Owner Kari Bastyr grew up in Minneapolis and went to school in St. Cloud. She […]