Apr 262017
I adopted my Dogue de Bordeaux, Penny, from Big Dogs Huge Paws

I adopted my Dogue de Bordeaux Penny from Big Dogs Huge Paws and noticed that when we would go on walks she was having leash reactivity. It was making going on walks tough and was giving me anxiety.  I did a lot of research and discovered Kari from Wag & Train. Our first sessions Kari […]

Apr 172017
It was great to get an insight into how dogs process real life situations...

We loved the Good Grade School class! My dog and I responded well to Judy’s style that stressed positive interaction with all participants in the class. Judy explained the behaviors and how the training would improve the interactions between dog & owner. It was great to get an insight into how dogs process real life situations and how […]

Apr 052017
Jasper had been hit by a car and his left hind foot was de-gloved, so he spent a month at the shelter...

We adopted Jasper from a shelter in 2016. Jasper had been hit by a car and his left hind foot was de-gloved, so he spent a month at the shelter clinic getting regular bandage changes and healing up. When we took Jasper home, he was incredibly sweet and fit right in with our family, but […]

Mar 072017
After just a couple visits with Kari, I'm no longer worried about how Pippin will act in public or around other dogs.

My husband and I adopted our 18 month old Aussie, Pippin, when he was 10 weeks old. Having adopted his brother, Cooper, who had been returned to the breeder from a family who kept him in a crate most days and didn’t socialize Cooper very well, we thought starting “from scratch” with Pip would be easy! […]

Dec 262016
I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for teaching me and helping me

Hey Kari! I hope you’re having a happy holiday season and all is well with you! 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been working really hard with Bird (and my other dog Millie too) and I was able to introduce them to my sisters dog! I’m so happy!! It wasn’t perfect, […]

Oct 272016
Kari's method of positive reinforcement is the ONLY way to go. I am positive that nothing else would have worked.

I am a volunteer dog walker at a local animal shelter and this past June I fell in love with Charlotte (~1 year old Vizsla mix) and had to bring her home.  She was super affectionate and adorable and I knew we were meant to be. My first big challenge was getting Charlotte in my car.  […]

Oct 242016
After our first session with Kari we noticed a HUGE difference

Our 5 and a half year old Lab/Retriever mix, Sophie, was having a really really hard time on her leash. She would get aggressive on walks, pull, whine, and just overall have a bad time. It was hard to take her anywhere for fear that she would become agitated and be aggressive to other dogs. […]

Aug 172016
...We discovered that she simply didn't have much confidence around other dogs...

We sought out Wag & Train’s one on one training when our Border Collie/Cattle Dog mix of 9 months began to show signs of what we perceived as aggression towards other dogs.  We were anxious and terrified that this behavior could cross over into her interactions with kids, adults, and dogs in any context.  Kari […]

Aug 042016
I would recommend Kari to anybody struggling with potty training their dogs...

I started meeting with Kari in December to help me regarding a few issues with my dogs.  Specifically potty training.  I was at my wits end.  I have 4 tiny Chihuahuas.  All of whom are rescues and 3 of which came from large scale puppy mills so the spent most of their lives in cages being […]

Jul 152016
We felt so bad that he was upset when we left him to go to work...

Quickly after adopting our dog, Teton, we realized that he had serious separation anxiety and also pulled while on his leash. We felt so bad that he was upset when we left him to go to work. We Skyped him and could see that he barked literally non-stop, scratched at our front door, and pawed […]