Nov 032015
Judy Borsheim - VSPDT

Judy Borsheim – VSPDT

Since early 2012, Judy has been happily training people and their dogs, trying to make a difference in a loving, consistent, positive way. Her lifelong love and passion for dogs drives her desire to increase the quality of life of dogs and their people. To reach this goal, Judy loves to learn as much as she can and pass on her knowledge with compassion for what dogs and people are going through.

Judy’s pursuit of a master’s degree in Canine Life Sciences is underway at Bergin University of Canine Studies, and helps to enrich her understanding of dog behavior and training. Also, her BA in Communication helps her succinctly transfer her knowledge to help our canine companions and their people. She believes all dogs are worthwhile and deserve a chance!

Judy has enjoyed sharing her home with many special dogs that will always
occupy a big place in her heart. Currently she is sharing her heart and
home with two dogs, both recent additions: 10 year old Morton who provides
lots of opportunities to understanding dog senses better since he is
mostly blind and mostly deaf, and a Kromfohrlander puppy named Bucky who
reminds her daily how wonderful and horrible it is to have a puppy! In her
little spare time, Judy enjoys reading or being outdoors doing anything