Apr 172017
We loved the Good Grade School class!
My dog and I responded well to Judy’s style that stressed positive interaction with all participants in the class.
Judy explained the behaviors and how the training would improve the interactions between dog & owner.
It was great to get an insight into how dogs process real life situations and how that knowledge can ease tensions.
One of the most helpful things we learned was “Settle Down”, now when my dog  gets excited because he
knows we are getting ready to go out for a walk, he has structure.  He knows he has to sit by the door, settle down,
get his harness on, then he will get his life reward of going outside.  If he gets too excited when the harness comes out, we wait until he has
“settled down”.
Judy also helped us understand that coming when called takes many repetitions and would have lots of external distractions
to challenge my dog.  He is much better but we will be working to reinforce the correct response for several weeks in
progressively challenging distracting settings.
I look forward to enrolling in Good Dog Graduate School.
Jack W.
Centennial, CO.