Agressive Dog Training Denver

Common Anxiety, Fear, and Aggression Concerns

Do any of these statements describe your dog?

  • Your dog growls at, snaps at, or has bitten a person
  • Your dog goes in to complete panic mode when someone comes to the front door
  • Your dog is reactive or highly excitable while on walks
  • Your dog growls at, lunges at, snaps at, or has bitten another dog
  • Your dog gets a wonderful report card at doggie daycare, but is aggressive towards dogs or people when you are on the other end of the leash
  • Your dog is shy or fearful of strangers
  • Your dog is aggressive towards dogs on or off leash
  • Your dog has separation anxiety when you leave
  • Your dog breaks out of his/crate and is destructive 

You and your dog are not alone!

The above list comprises some very common and normal behaviors for dogs.  And it’s normal for dogs to have multiple symptoms. Most dogs are wonderful 98% of the time, and do really well at home, but they can have certain triggers that increase their fear and anxiety.  The majority of aggressive behavior is due to anxiety and fear, and that’s what we will focus on to help your dog learn that things aren’t so scary.  Aggression is not about being dominant- it’s about trying to convey his or her needs in that situation in dog language.  Kari Bastyr, MS, CDBC, VSPDT works with all of our anxiety and aggression cases. The behavior program she provides is comprehensive, practical, positive, and successful.

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