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Jasper: Dog's PTSD from Being Hit by a Car is Almost Non-Existent

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

We adopted Jasper from a shelter in 2016. Jasper had been hit by a car and his left hind foot was de-gloved, so he spent a month at the shelter clinic getting regular bandage changes and healing up. When we took Jasper home, he was incredibly sweet and fit right in with our family, but he was fearful of strangers, dog-aggressive, had extreme separation anxiety, and would sometimes cry all night in his kennel.  Kari recognized that he had anxiety and PTSD and needed to feel secure. We focused on building his confidence, and decreasing the anxiety he felt.

After just two sessions with Kari, Jasper is a much happier, more confident dog. Kari was able to suggest several things to help. The anti-anxiety supplements and plug-in pheromone diffuser helped bring Jasper’s stress levels down. Giving him problem solving tasks for confidence building has been an enormous help, and has turned bedtime into one of Jasper’s favorite times of day (he even opens the kennel door and puts himself to bed at night!). Jasper absolutely loves training sessions, and gets so proud of himself when he figures out commands.

With the techniques we have learned, we are no longer having problems passing other dogs on trails. Jasper is getting more comfortable with meeting new people, and his separation anxiety is almost non-existent. Working through his issues will continue to be an ongoing process, but we now have the tools we need to keep making progress, and Jasper is so much happier now thanks to Kari.

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