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Minneapolis: Anxiety and Dog Aggression One-on-One Training

Do any of these statements describe your dog?

  • Your dog growls at, snaps at, or has bitten a person
  • Your dog goes in to complete panic mode when someone comes to the front door
  • Your dog is reactive or highly excitable while on walks
  • Your dog growls at, lunges at, snaps at, or has bitten another dog
  • Your dog gets a wonderful report card at doggie daycare, but is aggressive towards dogs or people when you are on the other end of the leash
  • Your dog is shy or fearful of strangers
  • Your dog is aggressive towards dogs on or off leash
  • Your dog has separation anxiety when you leave

You and your dog are not alone!

The above list comprises some very common and normal behaviors for dogs.  And it’s normal for dogs to have multiple symptoms. Most dogs are wonderful 98% of the time, and do really well at home, but they can have certain triggers that increase their fear and anxiety.  The majority of aggressive behavior is due to anxiety and fear, and that’s what we will focus on to help your dog learn that things aren’t so scary.  Aggression is not about being dominant- it’s about trying to convey his or her needs in that situation in dog language.

One-on-One Behavioral Wellness Program:

My name is Kari Bastyr, MS, CDBC, VSPDT, and I provide a comprehensive, practical, positive, and successful Behavioral Wellness Program. In order to provide the best possible care for your dog, I develop an individualized behavior plan for you and your dog. I strive to help decrease your stress by giving you the tools to help your dog, increase your confidence as a dog/parent team, decrease your potential liability, and help you give the best quality of life to your dog. I do not use or condone any punishment-based methods, such as shock, prong, or choke collars, so you don’t need to worry about hurting your dog in order to teach him or her.

My Behavioral Wellness Program includes 4 in-home meetings with you and your dog, over the course of 6 months. The amount of sessions depends on the extent of your dogs issues.  We can meet every 2, 3, or 4 weeks depending on your schedule and your needs. My goal is to give you enough time to work with your dog and implement all the needed behavioral and environmental modifications to be successful.  I also provide support in between appointments by emails, phone calls, and online meetings. The initial session is about 60-75 minutes, and subsequent sessions are about 50-60 minutes… It all depends on the dog.  I also have a big fake dog I work with for rehabilitation, and I use my own dog in some cases. Our 5 meetings can also include walking to a park, practicing greetings with visitors, doing an introduction to a family member or friend or their dog, if that is part of our Behavior Wellness Treatment Plan.

4-Session Behavioral Wellness Program: $525


If you need help with your dog’s anxiety or aggression, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you. You can also email me at or call me at 612-578-1299.

“Thanks, Kari. We are noticing a big difference in Luna. Thanks for helping us set goals for her. We can’t thank you enough for the invaluable skills we have learned. You are excellent at the work you do.  Warmly, Yvonne”

“Hi Kari-I wanted to share more great baby steps. We took just Miley for an overnight at our cabin and she was awesome! She walked really well for myself and my husband and we visited some friends at another cabin and we took turns sitting on the deck outside with her. She laid beside our feet and was very relaxed and content. I’m definitely enjoying her much more!!!!!  Kristin”

“Kari- We had another success today! Painters were outside our apartment and Henry was reacting and barking to every noise. I worked with him on his calming behaviors and we got to the point where he completely calmed down from all the noises! He’s definitely making slow progress, and we are so thankful for all your help. Christine”

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