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Penny: Dogue de Bordeaux's Leash Reactivity turns into Relaxed Walks

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

I adopted my Dogue de Bordeaux Penny from Big Dogs Huge Paws and noticed that when we would go on walks she was having leash reactivity. It was making going on walks tough and was giving me anxiety.  I did a lot of research and discovered Kari from Wag & Train. Our first sessions Kari outlined a treatment plan to help Penny become less anxious, and focused on teaching her behaviors that focused her concentration on me instead of what was going on around her.  After several weeks of training, we went up to Boulder to go and do a small hike and the difference in that time was incredible.  She still had a few leash issues but there were times that we could walk by dogs and she was not even focused on them.  I was calmer and so was she.  About a month in, Penny and I were walking in our neighborhood and a neighbor and his 3 dogs walked on the opposite of the street.  Slowly throughout the hour, we got closer and closer (never meeting yet).  Penny would look up and notice the dogs but then look away.  There was no pulling, lunging, or any sort of reaction to the dogs.  It was the most calm and relaxing walk that we had gone on- I never thought from the first walk that we would be there.  I feel more comfortable going on walks and it is enjoyable now.  Penny is a great dog who had anxiety issues and with Kari’s help we are slowly working through them where she is more comfortable as well as myself.  Thank you, Kari!

Kalee E. Denver, Co

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