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Finley: Older Dog Prepares for New Puppy

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial


You were a lifesaver when our dog, Finley joined our family as a puppy and he stayed with you for a week while we were traveling and you helped us train him in the beginning especially (so hard to believe that he joined our family 5yrs ago already, time flies). I brag about you all the time. You truly laid the foundation for the best dog behavior and relationship that I’ve ever experienced and we are SO GRATEFUL to you!

On that note, we’re close to bringing a new puppy into our family so, naturally, I decided to reach out to you for help and when I did, I realized that you moved away from Colorado. Minnesota is lucky to have you!

We so appreciated your positive approach and we will need help in the early days as we acclimate and house train our new puppy. We would love to do some distance coaching/lessons- Is that something you offer?

I truly hope that you’re doing amazing! Thank you again for all that you did for us.

-Amber (Finley’s Mom)

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