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Bad Dogs Wanted:

Do you think you have a bad dog? Actually, at Wag & Train, we don’t think there are any bad dogs.

But, it’s common (and normal!) to get frustrated, sad, desperate, and mad when your dog is behaving badly. Is your dog a selective listener? Does your dog take you for a walk? Is barking your dog’s favorite hobby? Is your dog aggressive with people or other dogs? Let us help. Together, we can get their tails waggin’!
Are you in Minneapolis or Denver?

Kari Bastyr Colorado Positively Certified Victoria Stillwell

We Take Pride in What We Do for You
& Your Best Friends

Meet Wag & Train Owner, Kari Bastyr (and Paisley too!)

Kari Bastyr, MS/CDBC/VSPDT, specializes in animal behavior and dogs with severe behavioral problems.

Real Facebook Reviews!

  • 5 star review  Kari is AMAZING!!!!!!! We were at our limit with our Male Lab Prince. After he had ripped the cable box off the house, chewed the starter off the lawn mower, chewed the wires under my husbands truck twice and just was completely out of control. THANK GOD we found Kari. Prince is now a completely different dog and we can't imagine our lives without him. He's now the dog we always wanted. Thanks Kari!!!! We don't know what we would have done without you.

    thumb Heather Bing Howe
  • 5 star review  Excellent dog training services from a caring and positive trainer!!

    thumb Erica Lieberman Campbell
  • 5 star review  We took our rescue, Wrigley, for training 4 years ago. We’ve since moved to Chicago but still sing the praises of the amazing job Wag & Train did. Wrigley had severe anxiety when left alone and had a ton of energy. Now he’s overcome his fears and is constantly getting complimented on how well behaved he is! If you are local and considering Wag & Train, I cannot express the investment you’ll be making in your pup!

    thumb Bridget Chamberlin
  • 5 star review  I have worked with Kari with my dogs and recently put my new puppy in the board and train while we were on vacation. My poor puppy had girardia and Kari made sure she took really good care of her and even went out of her way to get her extra meds. Never one complaint with the extra work, only lots of pictures and praise! Love her!

    thumb Susan Paris Stanley
  • 5 star review  Being involved in animal rescue, Kari was the first call we made for dogs in the Denver-area that needed behavioral training prior to being adopted. She was ALWAYS friendly and timely with her communication. The reason why the rescue always reached out to Wag & Train is because of the great amount of knowledge Kari has and her willingness to share it and really teach people about dog behavior. She is a passionate animal lover and has a heart of gold -- exactly what I would want in someone that is working with me and my dog.

    thumb Laura Aquilina
  • 5 star review  Wag & Train was the best thing we did for our dog! Kari taught us how too communicate correctly with our dog through the "positive training" method and we could not be happier seeing our dogs behavior completely change. I would highly recommend them for training or rehabilitating your dog!

    thumb Kristen Korneev
  • 5 star review  Kind and compassionate, efficient and effective. Kari is everything you want in a dog trainer! I love her force free methods and amazing results!!! Call Kari, you won't regret your decision.

    thumb Dale Ward
  • 5 star review  Kari is amazing. She has a gift with animal behavior and can help you through every step (including selection... who knew there was a temperament test for that?). From puppy class through agility and behavior, she's got you covered. Kari will give you the tools to make you relationship with your animal successful.

    thumb Staci Beck Giovino
  • 5 star review  Kari and her staff are fantastic. Kari worked with us to help our highly anxious and fear aggressive middle dog become a wonderful family pet. He was growling at and terrified of our toddler. Kari's guidance transformed this crazy dog into my little girl's best friend. We had to do a lot of work to get there, and Kari helped us through every step, including working with our vet to medically manage some of his anxiety. This dog had been traumatized by previous trainers and punitive training. Kari demonstrated how to turn his behavior around using positive training and some good meds. He was a new dog after working with Kari. She was also great with my "naughty, but normal" dogs who really enjoyed basic, positive training with her. We will be back in class soon with our new puppy and are really looking forward to working with Kari again.

    thumb Teresa Barnes
  • 5 star review  I met Kari about 9 years ago when I was searching for help with my Siberian Husky puppy. Turns out she specialized in Huskies because she owned one! I had tried other trainers and methods... Kari was the only one who not only taught me a positive and effective way to get through to my dog but she also taught me how to better care for him overall... Tips I had no idea were so important. She is a plethora of doggie information and always takes time to answer questions for me even though I am not currently a client. I am forever grateful for her patience and love for dogs... It changed my Miles forever and ultimately helped me to make him a certified therapy dog. She has all the tools anyone needs to help them make massive changes... In a positive way... With your dog. It's not an overnight fix... Though things will change immediately... It is a daily lifetime change that will forever impact the way you understand and communicate with your best friend. Love Kari Bastyr!!!

    thumb Rene Sheridan

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