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For all ‘Pet Wants’ products, enter ‘WAGTRAIN’ as the coupon code for 15% off.


“The Forever Dog”

"Feeding Dogs"

"The Modern Pet Parent Handbook"


Dog Food


Open Farm

Nature’s Logic

Stella & Chewy’s


Carna 4


Wet Canned Food

Nature’s Logic





Other Dog Diets


Stella & Chewys


Primal Raw

Steve’s Raw

Ziwi Peak (I use this as a treat)



Treats and Toy Stuffers

Freeze Dried Liver 

Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potato

Chicken Feet

Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Dog Food

Real Meat Treats: Lamb

West Paw Lickable

Buddy Butter


Good Guts for Big Mutts

Good Guts for Medium Mutts  (for small breeds, use half a scoop)

Adored Beast Healthy Gut

Adored Beast Fido’s Flora

Four Leaf Rover Digest

Beef Bone Broth Bone Broth

Turkey Bone Broth Bone Broth

Chicken Bone Broth Bone Broth

Composure L-Theanine Anxiety Chews


L-Theanine 100mgs Capsules (Human form for smaller dogs)

L-Theanine 200mgs Capsules  (Human form for larger dogs)

Super Snouts Chill Out CBD

Pawse CBD Bites

Pet Releaf Hemp Oil with Ashwaganda


Puzzle Toys/Enrichment Feeders 

PetDreamHouse Feeder/Lickmat

West Paw Toppl – Large

West Paw Toppl – XL

West Paw Toppl – Small

Toppl Stopper

West Paw Tux – Large

West Paw Tux – Small

West Paw Rumbl – Large

Suction Lickimat

Lickimat UFO Suction Bowl 

Messy Mutts Lickmat

Orbee Snoop

Kong Extreme XXL

Everlasting Treat Ball *without the sugar treat insert. Use treats/puppy crack/kibble inside instead

Tricky Treat Ball

Nina Ottoson Floor Puzzle

Soft Buster Cube

Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mat Guide

Blue Fun Feeder

SLOMO Lickimat


Other Products:

Treat Pouch

Bigger Treat Pouch

Freedom No Pull Harness

Zesty Paws Probiotic

Traditional Leather Leash (4- or 5- foot)

Wide-Nose (Old Style) Gentle Leader

Baskerville Basket Muzzle

30-inch Metal Exercise Pen

30-inch Plastic Exercise Pen

Extra-Wide Walk-Through Pet Gate

Free Standing Front Door Gate


Dog Training Supply List - Bad Dogs Wanted

He's the total love of your lives, your friends - not so much:) 

I'm so glad you're here for help. Below are some of my vetted faves.
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