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​Welcome to my Gluten Detection Service Dog Owner-Training Program

The Quick & Dirty:

This is an online, owner-training program for you and your service dog prospect. I meet with you on Zoom twice a week, and work with you and your puppy virtually. This is how I taught my service dogs, and often teach in my private practice. It’s a convenient and fun way to learn, it allows me to see you in real-time and guide you, and provides an alternative to in-person training when there is too much distance between us. I was doing online training way before Covid lockdown, and have really mastered the most beneficial ways to teach this way. I am lucky to have been mentored by Dawn Scheu, of Willow Service Dogs. She trained the first gluten detection dog, Willow.  I learned from the best in the business!

Program Information:

In between our lessons, you can send me short videos of your daily practice sessions so if anything pops up that is a concern, we can go troubleshoot. Or we can watch the videos together to see your progress.

Training on Zoom is live, dynamic, always changing (just like a puppy class), and done safely in your living room or office to decrease the chances of your puppy getting spooked or distracted. 

In order to start my program, I will do a basic temperament test with your puppy, and have you provide videos. Better yet, let me help you choose the right breed and puppy for the best service dog prospect. If you have an older puppy, that’s okay, too- I only want to make sure they have the personality, drive, and intelligence to complete the program. With my background in anxiety and fear, it will be easy for me to determine if your dog is a good fit for service dog work.

Training Approach:

Ideally, you’ll need a basic background in dog training and dog behavior. This is also a HUGE time commitment, so you’ll need at least an hour or two per day, sometimes more, to devote to your dog. It’s like another full-time job, but obviously one that will eventually be a life-saver.
All dogs will be taught with positive reinforcement only. No choke, prong or shock collars are used in my program, and are not tolerated. That is a deal-breaker.

Service dog training is not for everyone. If you think you want one and have what it takes, please read this article from Can-Do-Canines, the Top 22 Things to Know Before Getting a Service Dog.  And below are a few other resources to read before you start.


ll payments are due the last day of the month for the following month. For example, for the month of May, your payment is due April 30th.

One Lesson: $125
Four Lessons: $300/month (once a week)
Eight Lessons: $500/month (twice a week, either Monday/Thursday, or Tuesday/Friday)

Training Sessions:

I highly recommend doing two lessons a week to get the most out of training. Once a week will take your dog longer to finish. I’ve done both, and I can definitely say I got way more work done with 2-lessons a week because of the accountability.

Missed lessons are non-refundable. Everyone will have to sign a contract before starting.

If you are interested in training a gluten detection service dog, please email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!

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