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Puppy Training Packages - Bad Dogs Wanted

They're so cute and the love of your life, but 1000% driving you cray cray.

Every puppy parent feels their nerves start to frazzle. I can help.



My in-home service area is Minneapolis and the western suburbs, including Minnetonka, Wayzata, Plymouth, Medina, Hopkins, Eden Prairie, St. Louis Park, etc.  If you don't live in my service area, click here to hop on over to my Online Puppy Training where I zoom right into your living room for private sessions!

Did you just bring a new puppy home? Is she giving you a run for your money? It is 100% normal to be freaking out- Raising a puppy is hard!  But getting through puppyhood doesn’t need to cause too many grey hairs if you have a step-by-step program to make sure you raise a calm, confident, and friendly member of doggie society.

The program focuses on:

  • Potty training

  • Crate training

  • Biting/mouthing/nipping

  • Jumping

  • Basic commands

  • Interaction with children

  • Chewing and destruction

  • Barking

  • Leash walking

  • Front door manners

  • Impulse control behaviors

Not only will your puppy learn good manners, you will learn how to train your puppy calmly and confidently and make it fun for everyone involved. With knowledge and experience working with a variety of behavioral issues, I enjoy helping every puppy reach his or her full potential.

Your first lesson is 75-90 minutes long, and additional sessions are typically 50-60 minutes.  All sessions include a detailed overview of your homework after each meeting.

$649 | 3-Session Puppy Training Package:
This package includes your initial puppy Behavior Assessment, which is on Zoom, and 2 In-Home lessons to start. We will focus on all of the above, and anything else that your puppy needs, while building a really good  foundation. We will talk about behavior, diet & nutrition, biting, potty training, crate training, chewing, stealing your shoes, eating poop, destroying all the toilet paper, and much more.

*This package is only for puppies 6-months and younger, and for general puppy training. If your puppy exhibits fear, reactivity, aggression, or extreme shyness, please email me at

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