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  • Writer's pictureKari Bastyr, MS, CDBC, CPCN

Ryder: Nervous Shepherd Mix Comes Out Of His Shell

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

We have a Australian Shepard mix, Ryder, who has was having anxiety after we had moved. He was apprehensive when people came over, afraid of inanimate objects and just had a lot of anxiety. After meeting with Kari several times, and in just three months, Ryder is literally a different dog. He is happy all the time, he doesn’t get nervous when people come to the house, he walks AWESOME on his leash and is the BEST dog ever– so good with everyone- especially our toddler. We are so grateful to Kari for her training expertise– we love Ryder so much and now he finally is at ease and happy! She is hands down the best trainer– she taught us so much about dogs, caring for dogs (just changing their food can make their anxiety better- who knew?!) and how to be better parents to our little fur baby. Thank you so much, Kari!  Kelly and David S.  Denver, Co

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