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Teddy: Fearful and Anxious Cockapoo Gains Confidence Through Dog Training & Nutrition

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

Teddy came into our home 3 years ago as a puppy. He is an adorable Cockapoo who lives with us and our 13 year old Fox Terrier, Cody. Teddy has always been energetic, but as time went on his behavior became concerning to us. As a puppy he would play with Cody and other dogs with no problems. However, this spring he started attacking Cody and other dogs. We never knew when he was going to be in play mode or in attack mode.

I called our Vet at Rockford Road Animal Hospital and they referred me to Kari. Kari came to our house to assess Teddy and could see that he was a very anxious dog. She explained to us that Teddy was not a mean dog but anxious and scared.

We started our work in August, and began by making changes to his diet, giving him a job, and adding supplements to help calm him. For training, we worked on commands to use when I want to change his focus from something that is upsetting him, or when he gets anxious/amped up. For walks, we worked on behaviors that will continue to build his confidence, so we can gradually work on introducing him to dogs. He did great with the fake dog (pictured), and even sniffed Kari’s dog, Paisley, without issues! The hope is to have him start associating other dogs with good things, and not be stressed.

The change over the past 2 months in Teddy’s behavior has been remarkable. He really is a good dog! I am so thankful for the training and tools that Kari has given us. I look forward to many happy and “calm” years ahead for Teddy and me.

Joni S., Plymouth, MN

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