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  • Writer's pictureKari Bastyr, MS, CDBC, CPCN

Spyro: Getting to the Root Cause of Anxious Dog's Issues to Change his Behavior

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

Spyro was a possessive dog, and after an accident in which he bit someone close to me, I immediately began searching for a dog behaviorist. I found Wag & Train after researching private trainers and boarding centers online, but knew I wanted to be an active part of my dog's improvement plan. I was drawn to Kari's positive reinforcement techniques and the message on her website that said "there are no bad dogs, just dogs having a hard time".

Kari opened our first session with a lot of great insights into Spyro's behavior. She taught us simple techniques that helped redirect his behavior and even suggested a new diet and supplements for Spyro that helped get to the root cause of his issues. Spyro's in a much better place than before our sessions began. He's calmer, snuggles more, and most importantly his aggression/possessiveness has diminished. I feel like I understand my dog better than ever before, thanks to Kari at Wag & Train!

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