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  • Writer's pictureKari Bastyr, MS, CDBC, CPCN

Luna: Barking, Growling, and Lunging, Oh MY! From Reactive to Relaxed.

I reached out to Kari when I was very desperate on getting help with my dog Luna. She had been scared by multiple dogs in our apartment complex that weren’t on leashes and she just became very reactive. She went to dog training classes since she was a puppy but after those situations I couldn’t get her to listen and trust me. She would bark and growl at any dog she would see, even if they were very far away. I started Kari's Online dog training program and it took a lot of work and effort, but I am so happy to say Luna is basically a completely different dog!

We started her on anxiety medication in the beginning and we are at a point where she doesn’t need them anymore. We moved into a house in a neighborhood, and we are able to take her on walks and runs, and she won’t even look or bark at dogs anymore. The only time she gets scared is if a dog runs up to her without warning, but even with that we are able to redirect her. We can finally take her outside without the anxiety and worry she will be reactive. She’s even made new dog friends which is something I never thought Luna would be able to do! I am so grateful I found Kari and that she was able to help Luna. It’s so important to be your dogs voice and get them the help they need. 

Thank you Kari for all your help and commitment to Luna! 

Thank you,


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