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Jovi: Off Leash On Hikes He's Confident and Listening

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial


I wanted to share with you since you wanted to be kept up on how Jovie is doing. I took her for a snowshoe/hike to Lost Lake today and decided to try her off leash to see how she did. She did fantastic! I couldn’t have asked for better. She stayed in her comfortable radius to me and didn’t run too far ahead. If she got too far ahead she turned around and came back. I was able to call her to come to me if she got off trail and she always listened right away!

As far as other people and dogs… She didn’t even flinch! She was excited to see the other dogs and played. She wasn’t leery of any strangers and even let some put their hand out and pet her! I wasn’t sure if she’d stay within eyesight of me but she did at all times!!

Thanks! Alicia C.  Denver, Co

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