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Jolene: The Puppy Witching Hour to Puppy Wonderful

I can't say that my husband or I were dog people, but our 3 boys were very excited about having a puppy pal in their midst. We caved and got a Christmas puppy. We learned quickly that kids and puppies look really cute together in pictures, but reality doesn't always play out that way! She was very nippy, having accidents, pulling wildly on her leash on walks, and chewing on all my furniture. My husband and I were at our wits' end. I had googled "why is my puppy extra awful at night" and Kari's article on "Puppy Witching Hour" came up. Her honesty at how puppies are hard, as well as her tangible step-by-step instructions on how to help had me emailing her in tears.

Jolene LOVED Kari the moment she arrived at the house. Kari earned her trust easily, which made it fun to watch her learn. Kari broke down the training in easy chunks, making it easy for me to learn as well. She created real life scenarios in my house that I dealt with everyday and gave me tools to be able to calmly redirect, and would send recap emails the next day with helpful links to toys, food, and activities that truly changed the course of her energy levels. Jolene is still a puppy at almost 8 months, but we have the tools and training under our belt that make her such a fun companion for not only my boys, but for my husband and me as well. We couldn't have done it without Kari holding our hands every step of the way!

Thank you-


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