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Kirby: Fearful Border Collie Mix Overcomes Anxiety

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

In July of 2016, my fiancé and I adopted Kirby, a border collie mix, from Max Fund Animal Shelter. At around nine months we started her basic dog training, she picked up the skills quickly and we thought we were on our way to a well behaved pup. Just before she turned one year old we started noticing some serious aggression issues with Kirby when she was around other dogs, especially when she was on her leash. It became so serious that we had to stop going to our dog park and had to avoid other dogs on the street entirely. We also have a cat so we worried about his safety with Kirby. We were extremely worried about Kirby’s future with us.

We determined that we had to work with a trainer one-on-one to resolve the issue. Through internet research we came across Kari and Wag & Train. In the first session, Kari was able to identify Kirby’s genetic and behavioral mechanisms that caused her aggression. This allowed Kari to give us a very personalized training plan, which other trainers had not been able to provide for Kirby. Over four months of monthly training sessions we started to see exceptional improvements in Kirby’s behavior. The training techniques were simple and effective, we just had to commit to practicing them at home and on walks. Kari took the time to explain why these techniques worked specifically for Kirby, which made us feel even better about each session! Kari taught us how to identify the signs of Kirby’s anxiety and aggression, so that we could continue to train and work outside of the classroom! Now Kirby can calmly coexist with our cat and we’re well on our way to once again having a pup that can interact with other dogs. Thanks Kari!

Luke and Kristen, Denver, CO

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