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  • Writer's pictureKari Bastyr, MS, CDBC, CPCN

Blue: Rescue Dog Worried She Might Be Isolated Her Whole Life Until Kari

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

Blue is now almost one year old and she no longer stays anxious around other dogs, she cues to us for direction when she feels uncomfortable, and has even begun initiating play with other dogs!  We weren’t sure if we would have to keep her isolated from other dogs for the rest of her life, something we were really worried about considering how active we are in the outdoors where there tend to be plenty of other pups around.  Low and behold, Kari equipped us with incredible tactics to work with Blue to get her back out with us and interacting confidently and appropriately with other dogs.  We are so proud of our little one and are more than thankful that Wag & Train gave us incredible piece of mind and the skills we needed to be successful and happy with Blue.  I am even more grateful that we were able to work with Kari when Blue was a puppy; Kari has helped us to work our way towards training and developing a really happy dog!

MacKenzie and Jensen, Denver, Co.

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