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Cali and Bentley: Anxious Dogs are now able to Live Together Without Fear

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

Hi Kari-

I just wanted to update you on Bentley and Cali- mostly because its good news 🙂  My boyfriend and I moved in together about 2 months ago and since then both dogs have been fabulous together! We still keep them separated for meals and when we aren’t home. However, the 2 dogs are now able to have access to the whole house without the gate up most of the time.  We obviously started small, but Cali is no longer fearful around Bentley and Bentley seems much less stressed.  In turn, this has made our lives so much easier!

Just wanted to say thanks and hope all is well!

This is the two of them after a long hike- we don’t normally allow them on the bed but we came in the room and both of them were passed out!  Never thought we’d see the day!

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