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How to Prepare for a Puppy - Bad Dogs Wanted

Yay! You're planning for a puppy! Feel like even your questions have questions?

You've come to the right place. Let's start puppy preppin'.




There are so many things to consider as you prepare to bring your new puppy into your family, and sometimes Google can be overwhelming. But you don’t need to lose sleep while you figure out how to go about everything when you can have my guidance through all the phases of the journey.  I have raised 9 puppies of my own as an adult, countless foster puppies, and 100s of board & train puppies. I know what works best, what isn’t worth it, what your puppy will destroy, what will teach your puppy bad habits, what will help your puppy develop behaviors that you want, and all the things that will give you less grey hairs and help keep money in your wallet. I can tell you what breeds are best for little kids and what breeds to steer clear of depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Please don't pick out a puppy just based on looks!  Let me help you make this an easy process with the least amount of brain damage for every body. It doesn’t need to be super difficult, I swear, and it can actually be pretty fun and enjoyable!

Here is just the start of what I can help you with:

  • Choosing a breed for your lifestyle and personality

  • Choosing a rescue or breeder, and knowing how to spot a puppy mill

  • Knowing what questions to ask a rescue or breeder

  • Choosing the right temperament in a puppy for your lifestyle and personality

  • Choosing ‘all the things’ that your puppy will need once s/he gets home (food, toys, crate, etc- I have my tried and true favorites and I know which ones are a waste of money)

  • Preparing for the first night home

  • Figuring out and troubleshooting your puppy’s potty schedule preparing for the first week home


​Schedule your "Preparing for Puppy" Consultation below!


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