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Bad Dogs Wanted:

Do you think you have a bad dog? Actually, at Wag & Train, we don’t think there are any bad dogs.

But, it’s common (and normal!) to get frustrated, sad, desperate, and mad when your dog is behaving badly. Is your dog a selective listener? Does your dog take you for a walk? Is barking your dog’s favorite hobby? Is your dog aggressive with people or other dogs? Let us help. Together, we can get their tails waggin’!
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Kari Bastyr Colorado Positively Certified Victoria Stillwell

We Take Pride in What We Do for You
& Your Best Friends

Meet Wag & Train Owner, Kari Bastyr (and Paisley too!)

Kari Bastyr, MS/CDBC/VSPDT, specializes in animal behavior and dogs with severe behavioral problems.

Real Facebook Reviews!

  • 5 star review  We tried bringing our Bordeaux, Otis, to another trainer with absolutely no success. Kari had been recommended to me by multiple people so I finally called her. And I'll never bring a dog to anyone else. We needed more than a trainer. We needed a behaviorist. She helped us curb Otis' dog aggression as well as taught us ways to divert his attention before his aggression is ever triggered. I just wish we had brought Otis to Wag & Train sooner. Thank you Kari. Any dog I get from here on out will be trained by Wag & Train.

    thumb Jarrod Ligrani
  • 5 star review  Kari is simply amazing. She understands how dogs think, and is spot-on with the science of animal behavior. As if that wasn't enough, Kari is an exceptional person who has the gift of helping owners understand their canine charges and how to best meet their needs. Following the approach supported by veterinary behavior and animal behavior science, her approach is free of intimidation, bullying, and fear- making the dogs and people she helps learn in a gentle and stress-free environment. People, this works! I am truly honored to call her a colleague and friend. My respect for her as a professional and person couldn't be higher.

    thumb Lorena Patti
  • 5 star review  As the editor and publisher of Mile High Dog magazine, I give Kari and Wag & Train my highest recommendation. Kari regularly contributes compelling and relevant training and behavior articles to our publication and she is one of Denver's finest. It's always a joy to work with such a passionate and devoted professional. Keep up the great work!

    thumb Jennifer Brauns
  • 5 star review  Kari is awesome, my dog scribbles and i had some issues and she helped me to correct these. Scribbles is a pit bull and very smart and stubborn when it comes to listening. With Kari' s help she is becoming a fantastic member of the family. Thank you Kari...

    thumb Cory Hersom
  • 5 star review  Excellent dog training services from a caring and positive trainer!!

    thumb Erica Lieberman Campbell
  • 5 star review  Kari has helped me with 3 dogs - in all cases, she met the dog where they were behaviorally and provided me with the tools and training to help them (as opposed to the trainers who train the dog and ignore me, leaving me unsuccessful and frustrated when they leave). Whether you have a puppy, a new-to-you dog, or a dog that has some frustrating behaviors, Kari will help you find the path to a lifetime of rewarding canine companionship!

    thumb Katy Loughney
  • 5 star review  I met Kari about 9 years ago when I was searching for help with my Siberian Husky puppy. Turns out she specialized in Huskies because she owned one! I had tried other trainers and methods... Kari was the only one who not only taught me a positive and effective way to get through to my dog but she also taught me how to better care for him overall... Tips I had no idea were so important. She is a plethora of doggie information and always takes time to answer questions for me even though I am not currently a client. I am forever grateful for her patience and love for dogs... It changed my Miles forever and ultimately helped me to make him a certified therapy dog. She has all the tools anyone needs to help them make massive changes... In a positive way... With your dog. It's not an overnight fix... Though things will change immediately... It is a daily lifetime change that will forever impact the way you understand and communicate with your best friend. Love Kari Bastyr!!!

    thumb Rene Sheridan
  • 5 star review  I have worked with Kari and her team of trainers and highly recommend any of the Wag & Train services! I have had private sessions with Kari as well as group classes and I have always been satisfied. If you have a puppy, you must sign up for the puppy socialization classes- the Wag & Train trainers are very knowledgeable about what your puppy needs to be the best he/she can be, and you get to spend time with puppies of all shapes and sizes!! I appreciate that Kari uses only positive reinforcement with the dogs and she teaches owners why that is so important to the dog and their development. When your dog is happy they really do behave better- and your relationship with your dog can continue to grow! My dog- and my entire family- are grateful to Kari and her positive training techniques!

    thumb Sharyn L Kline
  • 5 star review  Kari was a lifesaver for me and my pup Jackie! I rescued my Aussie/ Catahoula mix when she as about 8 months old....she was a crazy, mouthing/ biting, jumping, full of non-stop energy dog. Kari helped me focus that energy on positive behaviors and completely transformed Jackie into a dog I can literally take anywhere. Training takes a lot of time and patience but when you stick with it and follow Kari's advice, you will see the results. I had to be trained too on the right reactions and commands to give my dog so that she learned what I wanted from her. Thank you, Kari, for saving me and Jackie and helping me transform "Wackie Jackie" into an unbelievable amazing dog.

    thumb Lauren Bronson
  • 5 star review  Wag & Train was recommended to my by my vet when I brought my French Bulldog puppy in for his very first visit! I signed up for the puppy classes, and the Manners classes. And, we even had trouble potty training, and Kari came over for a private session at our house, and got us sorted all out. Thank goodness! We now have a very well behaved and socialized 7 month old on our hands. Having a puppy is seriously hard work, and thank goodness for Kari and her crew to be there to support us! Now life is easy and we just relax and snuggle! 🙂

    thumb Aurora Lopez Sisneros

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