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  • Writer's pictureKari Bastyr, MS, CDBC, CPCN

Rio: Vet Was at a Loss Over Dog's GI Upset and Major Anxiety

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

Rio was 11 months old when I reached out to Kari. He was reactive to anything outside, barked out the windows, tried to nip children, and tried to bite the mailman. He was hard to control, and we were so upset because we didn't know what to do. He also had a history of giardia and tummy upset that our veterinarian couldn't figure out how to cure, and Rio was on a high-carb prescription GI food starting when he was a few months old. He was on months of antibiotics and other meds, to no avail. He had chronic diarrhea despite all of our attempts at medical intervention, and his gut was a mess. Our vet was at a loss.

We reached out to Kari when a friend of the family recommended her. We spoke to her on Zoom for our first lesson, and went straight to the pet store that night. We purchased a minimally-processed puppy food with much less carbs, some supplements, and some puzzle toys. Fast forward 4 months later, and we now have a well behaved little man who no longer has major GI upset or major anxiety. We can tell he feels so much better both in his body and his brain. Rio was eating dog food that contained rice, pecan shells, wheat, and other carbs, which eventually made him extremely anxious and reactive. Rio no longer has a tendency to bite children and has a happy gut that reduced his anxiety immensely. Thank you, Kari!!


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