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  • Writer's pictureKari Bastyr, MS, CDBC, CPCN

Abby: Puppy becomes Confident instead of Crazy!

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

Abby is a completely different dog now – thanks to Kari!  When we adopted her, she came home with severe anxiety. She was neglected and mistreated before coming home with us, which caused a lot of reactive fear-based behaviors.  Her anxiety was expressed by destroying carpet/flooring, biting, crying, pacing, restlessness, and excessive barking. Abby also had severe GI issues, resulting in multiple Emergency Vet trips.  We took her to several vets that could not find a way to diagnose and treat her. Kari believed in Abby the whole way through, and helped us find the right help for Abby.  Between Kari’s training, animal chiropractor treatments, and getting the right medications, Abby is a healthy pup at last.  Kari has helped to build Abby’s confidence so she doesn’t have to be afraid anymore. Kari taught us techniques on how to calm Abby and reward her for relaxed behaviors.  Abby is now calm and able to manage her anxiety. She self regulates and knows how to appropriately release her energy. She no longer has GI issues, no longer destroys things, and no longer cries in pain and/or fear.  You can see the change in her eyes – they are calm now instead of afraid. Kari has been a huge blessing to us; she has been a big part of bringing peace to our sweet Abby. Thank you, Kari!  Jasmine and Steve, Plymouth, MN

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