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PJ, Ben, Lily, & Violet: Potty Training 4 Puppy Mill Chihuahuas

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

I am happy to say that in a very short period of time they went from all 4 having accidents if not daily then every other day to having accident maybe a few times a week.  Now 6 months later, I can honestly say that I might clean up an accident once a month if that!  And that is between all 4 dogs!! In my world from where I started, that is HUGE!  Taking the time to follow Kari’s suggestions and learning to keep them on a potty schedule and crating them when I’m gone has made such an enormous difference.  Not only am I happier, the dogs are happier.  I’m so grateful I found Kari and was willing to invest the time and effort in trying to try my dogs.  I would recommend her to anybody struggling with potty training their dogs.  If I can get mine to go from being 0% potty trained to 80% anyone can!!

-Ruth, PJ, Ben, Violet & Lily- Denver, CO

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