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Lily: Hyper, Light Fixating Rescue Dog Improves with Positive Training

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

My husband and I got Lily when she was about 7 months old.  Our friend found her, so we did not know much about her past, but she did show some signs of anxiety.  We noticed about a year ago, when she was a little over a year old that she started fixating on light reflections. Soon she began to throw her body at the lights on the walls or floor like she was trying to catch it. This got progressively worse as the days went on, and we would notice her spending hours staring at the wall in the same spot.  She wouldn’t move, but her if you looked at her face her eyes were so big and she had this look on her face like she was almost in pain.    Along with the light fixation, she always seemed to be so hyper making her playtime, walks, and down time very frustrating.  We assumed that she just needed to be trained better, so I began to look into some options, and this is when I found Kari’s site.  Once I read the success stories from other dog owners, I knew that his would be a great option for Lily.  Lily and I went to our first session with Kari and got more info and help in 1 hour than any other vet appointment I had ever made.  We immediately began working with Lily as Kari had recommended and within 1 week I couldn’t believe this was my dog.   She was calmer than I had ever seen her.   It has been about 2 months since we have started working with Lily and the difference is night and day.  I can walk her on her leash with slack.   When we are teaching her new commands she is learning, listening, and definitely enjoying herself. The number one change is that I have not seen her look at a light in weeks!!!!   Thank you, Kari!   Jess M.  Denver, Co

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