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Mavett: Rescue Dog Was Aggressive Towards Dogs But Sweet At Home

Boxer Bulldog Denver Dog Training

In July of 2013 I adopted Mavett (Like "Avett" with an "M") from a friend in Boulder who was not able to keep him. I had been searching for the right dog for me for a few months and when Mavett become available, I felt it was fate. The first few months together were total bliss. He was quiet, good with my cat, easy to walk, and so incredibly friendly with other dogs. I would bring him to the dog park for an hour at a time and he would have a blast. Then around October things changed very suddenly. He was still sweet and easy going with me but started to displayed growing aggression towards other dogs that kept escalating. I was really afraid that I would have to find him another home and was very stressed about it. I loved my dog and the thought of giving up on him broke my heart. So I took him to his vet just to make sure his behavior wasn't related to something physical. While there they said that his behavior may be stemming from anxiety issues and suggested contacting Kari at Wag & Train. At that point I felt calling Kari was my only option if I wanted to keep my dog and I am so glad I did. I have learned so much about Mavett from Kari. I understand his body language cues far better, he seems much more content, and best of all he is still the same sweet and easy going pup! He took to Kari's suggestions and training methods so well that I almost didn't notice how much things had changed until I realized I had not experienced any stress over his behavior in months. Even my close friends remark at how much better he is! I am very grateful to Wag & Train for all they've done.  Nona S.  Denver, Co.

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