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Oakley: Rescue Puppy Learned to Trust People Again

Dog Training Success Story Testimonial

These behaviors escalated and he would back up, put his tail between his legs and eventually growl, bark or lunge.  We then tried to seek out trainers to help Oakley with the behaviors.  We thought that Oakley was not socialized enough with children when he was a puppy and that exposure is what he needed to “get over his fears”.  That is until we met Kari.  Kari helped us understand the reasoning behind the behaviors Oakley was going through and that they actually were predictable if we looked for the right signs and signals he was giving us.  We now understand these behaviors stem from fear and anxiety.  He was so adrenalized and stressed that he could not see or listen to us when he was in the presence of his triggers, making it impossible to train him in that environment.

We noticed an improvement from Oakley right away after our first session.  We were working to build his confidence and to focus on his training before we ever introduced his triggers.  We learned so much about Oakley’s behaviors and how to desensitize him in a way that his stress is reduced in certain situations.  We can’t thank Kari enough for giving us the tools and understanding we need to help Oakley thrive in any environment or situation.

Sarah H. Denver, Co.


“Kari!!!!! Oh my gosh, we have had 3 people in town this week staying with us, 2 males and 1 female and we did everything we worked on with you,  and Oakley has done unbelievably well!!!! He was so excited and has been fine with them being in our house the whole weekend!!!! We are soooo happy with him and again can’t thank you enough!! This has been truly amazing to see him do this with people in our house!

Thank you!

Sarah and Ryan”

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